Monday, October 31, 2011

I made a blog! Here goes nothing....

So my first post.  Here goes nothing....

With the NYC marathon right around the corner (6 days away!!), it's once again time for me to share.  With the persistence of some very good friends I decided to start a blog to share some of my thoughts and what goes on in my life.  What goes through my mind while I'm running and what I learn, experience and think about.

When I tell people that I've run just over 400 miles over the past 4 months to prepare for the marathon, they often wonder if I get bored.  How do you run for so long?  What do I think about?  Well, in a nut shell, here's what goes through my head.  Sometimes I think about life and very serious things.  Sometimes I don't think at all.  Sometimes I stay very focused and concentrate on my breathing.  Sometimes I get completely lost in my surroundings.  Sometimes I sing along to the music.  Sometimes I listen to what's going on around me and hear nothing.  Each run is a unique and different experience.  That's what makes it so special to me.

Beginning on Wednesday I'm going to post a different note each evening.  A little bit of a glimpse of what goes on in the mind of Stephen Bell when he's running.


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