Monday, May 14, 2012

Friends make everything better...

Throughout life there are many questions we often ask ourselves. Are we happy? Are we satisfied with what we are doing? Do we feel fulfilled? Is what we have in life is enough? Well, recently I think I found the key to what makes me happy. Yes, I'm happy because I'm able to wake up and smile every day. Yes, I'm happy because I'm healthy. Yes, I'm happy because I can run, play soccer, and do everything else I love. But that's not what makes the happiest. What makes me feel on top of the world is knowing that I have such amazing friends and family to share life with. I realized that without friends, the special moments wouldn't be as special. The celebrations wouldn't be as celebratory. The advice, dinners and nights out wouldn't be as fun and memorable. Without them, life wouldn't be as great.

Normally in life you have one or two people that you can count on. But not me. I have many friends that are truly amazing, remarkable individuals. The type of friends that would do anything for me. Friends who would take time out of their own busy lives to organize or attend a fundraiser, train and run a marathon with me and Team Boomer, go to a movie with me instead of the bar, visit me in the hospital when I'm sick, stand up for me when I'm feeling down, pick up the phone to tell me I inspired them today, or even just have a conversation to make sure my head is in the right place. Those are the types of people I have in my life. I probably don't tell them enough, but I really do appreciate everything. Big and little. And I cannot thank them enough for everything they do.

As I always say, they are the reason, the inspiration that drives me. The reason I wake up in the morning and do my treatments. The reason I fundraise. The reason I fight. The reason I cry every time I run the NYC marathon. The reason I do what I do. Without them it wouldn't be the same. There wouldn't be anyone to celebrate life with. Anyone to enjoy a casual dinner with. Anyone to share my thoughts, feelings, emotions and perspective with. Anyone to share my successes. My failures. It wouldn't be as fun. It wouldn't be worth it. And for that I'm forever grateful.

So with that said, whether you have one good friend or a hundred, don't take any of them for granted. Make one another smile. Enjoy each other's company. Cherish the relationship. Because at the end of the day, friends make everything better!

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